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"The bully seeks to increase his confidence, not by raising his own, but by bringing the other person's down to below his, so that, in relative terms, he can feel good about himself."

(Tim Field)

Workplace Bullying & Harassment - Introduction

Bullying and harassment are still, very much, serious issues in today’s workplace; and they are issues, judging by media coverage over the last three years and significant anecdotal evidence, that have not diminished in occurrence or impact.

Bullying and Harassment are pernicious, cowardly and cruel behaviours that have an enormous impact on both employees AND employers. There are grave costs and reputational damage for organisations that allow these issues to fester. But, there are also serious personal consequences for the mental & emotional welfare for those employees on the receiving end of such behaviours.

The Tip of the Iceberg

What can make the situation even worse for those on the receiving end is the possible lack of support from their organisations. Only a fraction of workplace bullying and harassment experiences ever get reported or are taken down a formal route. Like the iceberg, the vast majority of incidents go unacknowledged and unchallenged – causing even more distress and hurt for the victims. The reasons for non-reporting are:-

  • Not trusting managers and organisations to take it seriously
  • Not believing perpetrators will be punished appropriately
  • Fearing victimisation if they report their treatment
  • Fearing the behaviour will continue or increase
  • Fearing they will not be believed
  • Facing a lack of effective organisational procedures
  • Experiencing the destruction of their self-esteem & confidence

The Role of the Organisation

The Campbell Foundation

Organisations and employers should take these two issues most seriously if they are to avoid finding themselves being dragged into messy grievance procedures, costly litigation, performance problems and reputational damage. They have a legal duty to provide a safe workplace, in which staff can operate without fear of threat, intimidation, discrimination or harassment.

But, equally, they also have a moral and ethical responsibility to (a) raise bullying & harassment awareness among management AND staff; (b) establish user-friendly and effective anti-bullying & harassment policies; (c) establish effective formal and informal procedures for reporting such incidents; and (d) ensure victims of bullying & harassment are supported throughout these procedures.

The Campbell Foundation

"Organisations have a lot to lose if they do not treat workplace bullying as a serious issue: - demotivated staff, increased staff turnover, increased sickness absences, costly litigation and significant damage to their reputation in the workplace."

(Neil H Campbell)

What We Offer for Both Staff and Organisations

Staff Counselling Service – Highly Experienced in Workplace Bullying & Harassment

PCA Support Services offers a first-class counselling service for organisational staff. Our counsellors have substantial experience in workplace bullying and harassment issues. Please also see our Counselling and Counselling Supervision Page.

"En Avant"

Specialist Mentoring for Workplace Bullying & Harassment Victims

This is one of the latest initiatives from PCA Support Services. It is primarily aimed at those members of staff that have been subject to workplace bullying or harassment behaviour. They could be struggling with how to deal with the impact of such behaviours or unsure as to what to do next.

As with any mentoring, “En Avant” combines counselling with guidance, coaching, motivation, strategy & option creation and compassionate support. This Service is delivered exclusively by Neil Campbell.

Workplace Bullying Awareness-Raising Workshops

Contained in our Professional Development Excellence programme of One-Day Workshops are two with the theme of "Harassment & Bullying Awareness for the Workplace". As the title suggests, their aim is to raise awareness around all aspects of this major workplace issue: - impact, costs, sources, forms, clues, policies, procedures, good practices and options. One is a version for Managers and the other is for Staff.

Again, if you are interested in hosting either of these for your organisation, please contact Neil Campbell at neil@paradigmcampbell.co.uk or on 07958 739505 in order to discuss your organisational requirements further.

Advisory Service for Organisations on Workplace Anti-Bullying & harassment Policies

Accredited Training for Organisational Workplace Anti-Bullying & harassment Advisers

There are two further ways Paradigm Campbell can help organisations on or around Workplace Bullying & Harassment. The first is through our Advisory Service on Organisational Anti-Bullying Policies, as well as conducting sensitive and confidential Workplace Bullying & Harassment Surveys among staff. Neil is a former Higher Education lecturer who taught Research Methods, as well as currently being involved in his own PhD work. He is particularly experienced and knowledgeable with sensitive interviewing and workplace surveys.

The second is through our accredited Level 3 Certificate in Harassment & Bullying Advisory Support Course - a comprehensive three-day course that is ideal for those organisations who want to establish their own In-House Team of Volunteer Harassment & Bullying Advisers.

Specialist Workplace Mediation Service for Workplace Bullying Scenarios

Suffice to say, Mediation - good, experienced, independent Mediation - will play an increasingly important role in Workplace Bullying & Harassment scenarios, whether before the situation ends up in grievance procedures or in the aftermath of these procedures. It is, more often than not, an essential stage in the process of being able to get the parties working together in professionally and safely. You'll find a lot more about our Mediation & Conflict Resolution Service on the specific Mediation Page on this website.

The Campbell Foundation

Organisations and employers MUST be aware that being on the receiving end of bullying and harassment treatment is a highly traumatic experience! Victims of such behaviours will most likely experience Post-Traumatic Stress. In the absence of timely support and facing a cloak of silence, this will undoubtedly convert into Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Campbell Foundation