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The Campbell Foundation

"There is NO 'getting over'! Grief is lifelong and we must respect the innate wisdom of every bereaved person to grieve in a way that's right for them - it's 'right' because it is their way! Our calling is to 'Share The Darkness' with each bereaved client. Our gift is that of simple, caring, humble, yet rich presence!"

(Neil Campbell)

Who We Are

The Campbell Grief Institute is the Bereavement & Grief Wing of PCA Support Services, and is widely acknowledged as the North-East’s Centre of Excellence for Bereavement and Grief Counselling, Training, Supervision and Research.

Under its umbrella, we offer a range of specialist services

  • The PCA Bereavement Academy
  • The Neil Campbell Grief Counselling Service
  • ANABRON – Counselling for Bereavement by Suicide
  • The Summerhouse – Grief Counselling for Bereaved Children

The Institute's Ethos

Our View of Grief

The Campbell Foundation

We believe that our society is remarkably impatient with and unkind towards bereaved people. After the death of a close loved one, it’s as if the bereaved are allowed three or four months of “societal-sanctioned” grief. But, then, they are expected to return to “normal”.

Moreover, well-known grief theorists have convinced us that Grief is a ‘process’ – containing ‘stages’ or ‘phases’ or ‘characteristics’ or ‘tasks’ – and, as a result, society then encourages the bereaved to ‘move on’, ‘let go’ and ‘get over’ the loss.

In the face of such societal pressure, is it any wonder that the bereaved succumb, bottle up their feelings and don masks to satisfy others? It seems as if we have developed an approach to grief and the bereaved that matches the type of society we have now – immediate, short-term, instant, self-oriented, impatient, solution-focused and success-oriented.

Consequently, we believe that:-

  • Grief is a unique and idiosyncratic experience.
  • Grief is lifelong! There is NO “getting over” the death of a loved one!
  • Instead, it’s about “Adjusting” to a life without the deceased.
  • “Adjustment” can take a long and painful period of time.
  • BUT … the bereaved will still be able to lead meaningful lives.
  • Moreover, the bereaved do NOT have to “let go” of their lost loved ones.
  • Instead, they can grow closer to their lost loved ones in the aftermath.
  • Indeed, the deceased are still very much part of our lives.
  • The challenge is to re-frame our relationship with the deceased.
  • RE-FRAMING is achieved through Reminiscing and Remembering.

The PCA Bereavement Academy

The PCA Bereavement Academy contains and delivers a comprehensive, authoritative and unique range of accredited Bereavement & Grief Training Courses.

They cover the following specific areas:-

  • Bereavement & Grief Awareness
  • Death of A Mother
  • Supporting Bereaved Parents
  • Anticipatory Grief
  • Bereavement through Suicide
  • Supporting Bereaved Children
  • Grief & The Mid-Life Orphan
  • Counselling Bereaved Children
  • Bereavement Support Group Facilitation
  • Secondary Hurts & Injuries

A full list and further information of all our Bereavement & Grief Training Courses – including our renowned Level 6 Diploma in Bereavement Counselling – can be found on this Website’s Training Page.

All of our Bereavement & Grief Courses are accredited through our Quality Licence from the national awarding body, ABC & Certa Awards.

Neil Campbell Bereavement Counselling Services

Neil Campbell is a Senior Accredited Counsellor & Fellow of The National Counselling Society, and sits on its national CPD & Supervision Sub-Committee. He has been a counsellor for 26 years, and has specialised in bereavement and grief for over two decades. With over 15,000 counselling hours, hundreds of clients and unparalleled experience behind him, he has established a highly-respected reputation in this field.

He is the former Director of Counselling & Training for Cruse Bereavement Care in Newcastle & Gateshead, as well as being a former North Region Trainer for Cruse UK Bereavement Care. He’s also the Founder & Director of the Kairos Bereavement Counselling Charity, specialist bereavement counsellor for the If U Care Share Foundation, and currently helping the Felling Irish Association establish their Community Counselling Service.

He is the author and course director for all of the accredited Bereavement & Grief training courses from the PCA Bereavement Academy – including the renowned Level 6 Diploma in Bereavement Counselling.


The Campbell Foundation

Children and Young People DO grieve – as fully and as intensely as adults. However, they do so in different ways from adults, and in age-related ways and through age-related words. Though they are generally unable to articulate their grief because of their age, they still desperately need to express their feelings and emotions.

The Summerhouse is a counselling service, specifically designed to help bereaved children and young people find their own ‘metaphor’ for grief – the best medium for each through which they can express grief feelings.

This can encompass non-directive play therapy, such as memory jars, memory boxes, sand trays, grief journals and bibliotherapy. The aim of The Summerhouse is to help each bereaved child discover the best medium, and then support them compassionately through their journey.


The Campbell Foundation

Bereavement by Suicide is the most complex of all losses to deal with. It brings, in its aftermath, a host of feelings-combinations, responses and reactions that will not be found in any other type of loss. It often produces a severe existential crisis for the bereaved and leaves a trail of questions, for which there will be no answers.

It is also a bereavement that leaves those left behind facing a cloak of silence when it comes to support and assistance. Few in society want to talk about death and grief anyway, but when it comes to suicide – the silence is deafening! It is fair to say that it is a real challenge for the bereaved to find counselling or therapy really experienced with this type of death.

ANAMBRON is a brand new counselling service from The Campbell Grief Institute and is specifically dedicated for Families (Adults And Children) Bereaved by Suicide. It is delivered solely by Neil Campbell. In a 26-year counselling career, he has spent more than two decades specialising in Bereavement & Grief. He is widely regarded as a leading authority on Bereavement through Suicide, and works extensively with both adults and children bereaved through this type of death.

The Campbell Foundation

"He who would be a companion, therefore, must enter into the darkness, go with them at least part way along their lonely and frightening road. This is the meaning of COMPASSION: to enter INTO the suffering of another, to share in some small way in their pain, confusion and desolation."

(Sheila Cassidy)