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Stress & Stress Management

"After many years of research, counselling and training in this area, I now see Stress as a unique experience for the individual suffering from it. It is in many ways similar to the Grief experience - very real, very bewildering, difficult to define or describe, and highly disparate in its impact. The outcome for each sufferer is a singular combination of mental, emotional and physical symptoms. Consequently, a 'one-size-fits-all' approach will always fall short. It requires, in each case, a personal approach and a personal package of strategies to not only deal with the stress now, but also prevent it from re-emerging in the future!" -
(Neil Campbell September 2014)

Stress Today - An Overview

It is with some disappointment, when we stop to consider today's workplace, that "Stress" has re-appeared as the number one challenge for organisations and employers - with regard to sickness absences and job performances. This conclusion is based on close analysis of our overall counselling, mediation and training work undertaken in the last two years - both statistically and anecdotally.

One could be forgiven for thinking - a little naively, perhaps - that, given the plethora of Staff Policies and Health Initiatives, Staff Training Programmes, Flexible Work Approaches and IT Development, significant improvements in working conditions and staff welfare would have followed. But, it is as if the workplace has gone into reverse gear with regard to stress and sickness absence.

We have found that Workplace Conflict and dysfunctional Workplace Relationships, that have been allowed to fester, are still the major "Stressors". But, we have also found that, in the caring and nursing sectors, "Burn Out" might be a more accurate description than the usual "Stress and Anxiety" - i.e. one too many distressing or traumatic experience! Moreover, staff reductions, an increased lack of job security and the re-emergence of the "you're lucky to have a job" management approach are also making significant contributions.

We have also found that an across-the-board scarcity of training in those Core Interpersonal Skills - that are so essential for both staff and management - has equally contributed to the resurfacing of "Stress" as a major workplace issue. We refer, here, to basic training in:

  • Empathic Listening Skills
  • Feedback Skills
  • Delegation Skills
  • The Art of Summarising
  • Basic Counselling Skills
  • Day-to-Day Teambuilding Skills
  • Stress Management Awareness
  • Bullying & Harassment Awareness
  • Bereavement Awareness for the Workplace

N.B. AND... We haven't even touched on individuals' personal situations that contribute significantly to the accumulating pot of stress that's bubbling away on the stove!

"Stress is an important and costly issue not just for staff within an organisation but also for the organisation itself in terms of how efficiently and effectively it operates and how healthy an environment it provides for its staff and service users"

"Dealing with Stress" - Neil thompson, Michael Murphy and Steve Stradling.

Our Stance on Stress

Our Ethos on Stress is NOT based on what we have read in books. It's NOT based on attendance on a few standard Stress Management Workshops. It's certainly NOT based on populist views touted in tabloid newspapers and media.

BUT, it IS based on 22 Years of personal research, thousands of one-to-one workplace counselling hours, and listening to participants' own stories from the multitude of Stress Awareness & Stress Risk Assessment workshops we've delivered.

We believe that:-

  • Stress is a unique, personal experience
  • Stress is an accumulative experience
  • Stress can be building up over a period of years
  • A recent event is more likely to be the catalyst, rather than the source
  • You CANNOT divorce personal issues from workplace problems
  • What happens at work affects home, and vice-versa
  • Stress-induced absences ARE an awful experience
  • Few people really understand the full impact of the stress experience
  • Stress-Management is ONLY effective if tailored to individual needs & situations
  • Return-to-Work Strategies are ONLY effective if tailored to the individual
  • Personal Change is essential if further absences are to be avoided
  • Each sufferer needs a personalised box of strategies to address their stress

"D'ACCORD" A New Stress Management & Solution-Focused Mentoring Service

In order to move forward with our views and stance on stress (and to meet the growing demand from stressed individuals who want more than orthodox counselling and CBT), Paradigm Campbell Associates has introduced a brand new specialist one-to-one Stress Management Mentoring Service.

This service will be delivered personally by our Principal, Neil Campbell, and will replace our current CBT counselling provision. Following a good deal of research and analysis, we are firmly convinced that clients would benefit more from an experience-based service that focuses on customised options & strategy packages that meet the specific needs of individuals and their unique situations.

The overall approach will consist of a blend of counselling, guidance, education, option exploration, motivation, inspiration and coaching.

The elements include:  
Identifying Personal Stressors Enhancing & Developing Self-Esteem
Education around Stress awareness Education around Stress Management
Developing Basic Conflict Resolution Skills Option Exploring & Assessing
Assertiveness Coaching Creation of a Personal "Box" of Coping Strategies

Sessions are booked in Sets of Six; they last for one hour; and cost £40 each.

Please contact Neil Campbell at neil@paradigmcampbell.co.uk or on 0191 230 3777 or 07958 739505 for further information on the Service, or to book a set of sessions.

Stress & Stress Management Surveys

Paradigm Campbell Associates offers an experienced and confidential Survey & Research Service on all aspects of Stress, Stress Awareness and stress Management. This may well be a valuable resource for those organisations and employers who are about to embark on an overhaul of their Workplace Stress Policies and Procedures, or who are wanting to introduce new Stress Management initiatives into their workplace, or who are wishing to carry out a confidential & sensitive Stress Audit amongst staff and management.

We have carried out numerous confidential workplace Stress Surveys - using questionnaires, structured & semi-structured interviews, and focus groups. We have significant experience in designing and delivering 360 Degree Research Projects for both staff AND management. Our Principal, Neil Campbell, has taught Research Methods & Research Project Design at university MA level.

Sensitivity, Confidentiality, Professionalism, Honesty, Insight and Thoroughness are our Research Principles!

Please contact Neil Campbell at neil@paradigmcampbell.co.uk or on 0191 230 3777 or 07958 739505 for further information on this particular Service, or to discuss your organisation's specific research needs further.

"EN AVANT" - A New Workplace Bullying Victim Support Service

Suffice to say here, it's a specialist Mentoring Support Service for victims of Workplace Bullying. They may not feel able to engage in mediation with "the bully" or feel strong enough to take out a grievance. This Service, therefore, will offer a safe, confidential, validating and experienced environment in which the individual can "tell their tale", explore their options, develop coping strategies and learn some basic conflict resolution skills.

En Avant is delivered personally by Neil Campbell who has nearly twenty years of experience in advising organisations on Workplace Bullying and delivering accredited training in Anti-Bullying Awareness & Strategies. Through Neil, Paradigm Campbell has become the official training partner for the national BiG (Bullying Intervention Group) Workplace Anti-Bullying Award; and he is the author of the new online/distance learning Level 4 Certificate in Workplace Anti-Bullying Advisory Work.

We've included "En Avant" here on the Stress Page, as we find that for many of our workplace clients who are off work with stress, an experience of being on the end of bullying from a manager or colleague has contributed to the stress condition.

Stress Awareness & Management Workshops and Courses

Through Paradigm Campbell's Investors in Quality Licence from the national awarding body, NCFE, we are able to devise and deliver accredited training courses on a variety of workplace topics - and Stress is one of those topic areas. In our training programme, we offer two accredited courses around Stress;-

The Certificate in Stress Awareness & Stress Management Strategies 2-Day Level 3
The Certificate in Stress Awareness & Stress Risk Assessments 2-Day Level 3*

In addition, we are preparing to launch a new Three-Day Course at Level 4, entitled

The Certificate in Staff Support Approaches

Day 1 centres on Bereavement Awareness and Support for the Workplace

Day 2 centres on Workplace Bullying Awareness & Anti-Bullying Strategies

Day 3 centres on Stress Awareness, Stress Management, Change, and Effective Returns to Work

What is unique about this particular course is that it can and will be delivered in its Three-Day version at Level 4 OR Each of the Three Days can be delivered on their own with Level 2 accreditation!

As an alternative to the above, we also offer Non-Accredited, One-Day Workshops

  • Workplace Stress Awareness for Managers & HR Advisers
  • Workplace Stress Awareness for Staff
  • Stress Risk Assessment Skills for Managers
  • Stress and Effective Return-to-Work Strategies

Please contact Neil Campbell at paradigm35@btconnect.com or on 0191 230 3777 or 07958 739505 in order to discuss the individual training needs & requirements of your organisation.

Stress Awareness & Management Advisory Service

We offer a comprehensive Stress Advisory & Consultancy Service for organisations and employers across all sectors of the North-East Workplace. Aspects & Initiatives on which we feel Paradigm Campbell Associates can offer quality, experienced guidance and advice include:-

Organisational Stress Policies Organisational Stress Surveys
Stress Awareness & Management Training Establishing In-House Teams of Stress Advisers
Stress Counselling & Mentoring Services Stress Awareness Initiatives
Staff Stress Management Literature Individual Staff Stress Audits

Please contact Neil Campbell at paradigm35@btconnect.com or on 0191 230 3777 or 07958 739505 in order to discuss any aspect of our Stress Awareness & Management Advisory Service that you feel would benefit your organisation.