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"Stress, like Grief, is a very unique experience. Bewildering, hard to describe and very real, it produces a singular combination of mental, emotional and behavioural symptoms. Consequently, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach will always fall short."

(Neil H Campbell)

Stress Today

Stress and Stress Management - though, now, repackaged under a new branding of ‘Mental Health First Aid’ – remains a major challenge for organisations and employers. Despite the plethora of policies, health initiatives and staff training programmes, Stress still has a major impact on staff morale, staff health, sickness absences and job performances.

Stress, for us, has always been about ‘Demand and Supply’! The ‘Demand’ covers both the demands of work AND the demands of home on the individual, while the ‘Supply’ encompasses the individual’s health, work ethic, energy, commitment and beliefs.

The current Covid Pandemic has very much added to the “Demand” side – with issues such as Anxiety, Job Insecurity, Isolation, Loneliness, Low Self-Confidence, and the absence of a Sense of Belonging exacerbating existing levels of Stress.

In addition, we feel that four Key Workplace Stressors are still, on the whole, neglected when it comes to Stress and Mental Health in the Workplace:-

  • Workplace Conflict & Workplace Relationship Issues
  • Bullying & Harassment in the Workplace
  • Bereavement & Grief
  • Trauma, PTS & PTSD

Stress Management

Stress Management and Mental Health First Aid training courses are valuable contributions to management and HR awareness of the problems faced by staff.

However, we have always felt that the essence of good stress management lies with the individual. It’s about enabling the person experiencing stress to engage with personal change. This could mean practical, behavioural and physical changes. But, it is more likely to require changes in attitudes, views and perceptions.

As stress is a unique experience and effective stress management relies on individual personal change, then, we believe that one-size-fits-all organisational policies, approaches and stress risk assessments will always fall well short of the mark.

An individual member of staff, off work with a stress-related sickness absence, will need support through a tailored set of coping strategies AND a phased return-to-work plan that meets his or her own needs.

Our View on Stress

  • The link between undue stress and mental health problems is very strong, and it can affect the individual physically, emotionally and behaviourally, as well as mentally.
  • Stress is, like Grief and Post Traumatic Stress, a unique and idiosyncratic experience that evokes different reactions, responses and emotions from each sufferer.
  • Stress is also an accumulative experience – perhaps, building up for some considerable time. Thus, the most recent stressor event or experience may well have been the trigger, not the sole cause.
  • One can no longer differentiate between “Home” and “Work” – for, what happens at Work affects Home, and what happens at Home affects Work!
  • Our work over the years tells us that a stress-related sickness absence is a most difficult period to cope with, and few can really understand the full extent of what the sufferers are going through.
  • Phased-returns-to-work will only be effective if they are tailored to the individual needs of the returnee and are flexible in their implementation.
  • Stress Management is only effective if the coping strategies and measures are customized for each individual sufferer.


D'Accord Solution-Based Mentoring

This is PCA’s specialist Stress Management Mentoring Service. It’s an experiential-based approach that aims to design a set of stress management strategies that are tailored to the unique needs & situation of the individual client.

It blends counselling with guidance, education, motivation, coaching and colleagueship. It includes the following:-

The Campbell Foundation
  • Identifying Personal Stressors
  • Stress Awareness Education
  • Basic Conflict-Resolution Skills
  • Assertiveness & Self-Esteem Coaching
  • Anger Management
  • Option Exploration

Stress & Stress Management Training

Through our Quality Licence from the national awarding body, ABC & Certa Awards, we have four accredited training courses that are valuable aids to organisational Stress and Mental Health Policies & Programmes:-

  • Certificate in Stress Management Advisory Work (Level 4) Three-Day
  • Certificate in Bullying & Harassment Advisory Work (Level 4) Three-Day
  • Certificate in Assertiveness for Today’s Workplace (Level 3) Two-Day
  • Certificate in Post Critical Incident Emotional Support (Level 4) Four-Day

In addition, we also have a quality, comprehensive Programme of One-Day Workshops around Stress & Stress Management-

  • Stress Awareness for HR & Managers
  • Stress Awareness for Staff
  • Stress Risk Assessment Skills & Strategies
  • Effective Phased Returns-to-Work
  • Assertiveness for Today’s Workplace
  • Workplace Anger Management
  • Organisational Stress Survey Designs
  • Sensitive Interviewing for Surveys

If you are interested in any of our Stress & Stress Management Services, or require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact Neil Campbell on 07958 739 505 (PCA Support Services) or 07903 239 983 (Direct). Alternatively, our email address is neil@paradigmcampbell.co.uk

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