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“How can another person deliver UNLESS you tell them what you want, what you expect and what you need. Sadly, mind-reading is not yet part of the marriage or relationship contract.”

(Neil Campbell)


This is a unique initiative from PCA Support Services. It takes the skills, structures, strategies, objectives and process of Workplace Mediation, AND then blends them with the expectations, needs, issues, problems and dynamics of modern marriages, partnerships and long-standing relationships. The outcome of such a merger is a brand new & unique Mediation Service for those couples who genuinely want to salvage & rescue their union, create a new mutually-agreeable set of relationship guidelines, and steer the relationship in a new direction.


Longstanding partnerships, marriages and relationships are immensely important for both family and society at large. We, of course, do not advocate the prolonging of emotional distress and mental anguish unnecessarily. But, we still feel that such bonds should not be cast aside too easily or too casually.

Relationships DO have to be worked at! That sounds like a by-line from an Agony Aunt Letters page. But, it’s what known as a “Truism” – something that sounds so obvious that it’s almost boring, BUT still fundamentally and significantly true!


It is, as stated above, a Service that is specifically designed for those couples who genuinely want to save, rescue, re-establish or re-invent their relationship or partnership.

The process itself offers the couple a unique opportunity to share feelings & emotions; exchange expectations; identify what went wrong; draw a line under the past; engage in some communication & assertiveness coaching; establish some basic, personal conflict resolution steps, AND put together a BRAND NEW framework & set of guidelines for their future together.

“’She or he doesn’t listen any more. They just don’t listen.’ It is one of the most common and despairing cries that we hear in our work; and one that seems to lie at the centre of every relationship breakdown!”


  • Couple Counselling
  • “A Day In Court!
  • Marriage Guidance
  • Settling Divorces, Dividing Assets or Sorting Out Custodies
  • About Recapturing What Couples Once Had


  • Exploring Issues & Problems Together Constructively and Honestly
  • Improving The Couple’s Communication and Listening
  • Striving To Resolve Differences
  • Exchanging Expectations and Needs
  • Identifying Responsibilities
  • Acknowledging Each Other’s Feelings & Emotions
  • Empowering Each Other
  • Establishing New Relationship Guidelines & Ground-Rules
  • Genuinely Drawing A Line Under The Past
  • Letting Go!


The Campbell Foundation

It’s a formal and structured process – but, facilitated by one of our experienced Relationship Mediators with a light and informal touch. The whole process takes place within a safe, confidential, caring, empathic and focused environment.

The Mediator is wholly impartial and is there for BOTH parties – INDIVIDUALLY and TOGETHER.

  • One-to-One Informal Pre-Mediation Meetings with Both Parties
  • 1st Joint-Mediation Meeting – “Looking Back At What Went Wrong”
  • 2nd Joint Mediation Meeting – Expectations, Needs and Wants
  • 3rd Joint-Mediation Meeting – A New Set of Relationship Guidelines
  • Drafting The Settlement
  • Agreeing The Settlement and Signing Up
  • Later Reviews – If Required


  • Establish Rapport & Trust With The Parties
  • Facilitate The Joint-Meeting Discussions and Conversations
  • Guide Them Through The Frank & Open Exchanges and Discussions
  • Help The Parties Acknowledge Each Other’s Feelings & Emotions
  • Help The Parties Identify “What Has Gone Wrong” Before
  • Create a Safe, Open, Confidential and Trusting Climate
  • Maintain Scrupulous Impartiality At ALL Times
  • Motivate, Support and Hold Both Parties When Required
  • Help The Parties Improve Communication and Listening
  • Help The Parties Dispel Issues of Blame & ‘Victim Mode’
  • Offer Coaching in Assertiveness and Conflict Resolution Skills


Though this is a highly innovative, dynamic and exciting approach, couples need to be aware that it will NOT be a straightforward or easy experience. We can’t promise you it will be as pleasant as a Sunday School picnic.

In the Joint-Mediation sessions, there may well be some frank, candid and tense exchanges of views and feelings. Emotions can, and probably will, run high. There will be differences of opinions, and every couple will face challenges over mutual expectations and needs. Moreover, we believe that these are experiences and challenges that the parties should and must face in order to move forward.

Our Relationship Mediators are there for both parties – individually AND together. They will ensure that the mediation environment will be kept safe, confidential and caring. The Mediators are NOT quiet partners. They will, and do, take an active role in the process – facilitating the exchanges, clarifying the issues, summarising the progress, keeping the experience safe, providing guidance (where required), and offering suggestions in a tentative & respectful way.

For more information on this unique Specialist Service, please contact Neil Campbell directly on either 07958 739505 (Direct Mobile) or 07903 239983 (Business Enquiries). Alternatively, you can e-mail him either through the Website Contact Page, OR directly neil@paradigmcampbell.co.uk

ALL Enquiries Are Treated With The Utmost Respect & Confidentiality.

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