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“A creative, innovative, timely and constructive approach
to modern workplace conflicts and staff disputes.”

Why Mediation?

Far too often do workplace arguments and disagreements between members of staff get left to fester unaddressed – easily escalating out of control, developing into full-blown interpersonal conflicts and leading to either grievance or disciplinary proceedings.

If this stage is reached, then there will be NO WINNERS – if we take into account the high cost of management, HR and union time; the cost to staff morale from adversarial outcomes; and the emotional impact on the parties themselves.

We firmly believe that Workplace Mediation can make significant contributions to the resolution of staff disputes and conflicts. Creative, empathic, economical, safe and responsive, Mediation offers a constructive and positive alternative to the adversarial nature of formal proceedings.

What IS Workplace Mediation?

Quite simply – it is a formal process, within a safe & confidential environment, in which an impartial and neutral third party (The Mediator) is invited to facilitate the resolution of a disagreement or dispute between two or more disputants. The process, stages and sessions are governed by a strict Code of Conduct. The resolution of the dispute is reached through a mutually-agreeable settlement.

The following are the actual stages within a typical Mediation process:-

  • One-to-One Pre-Mediation Meetings
  • First Joint Mediation Session “Looking Back At What Went Wrong”
  • Second Joint Mediation Session “Looking Ahead – Resolution”
  • Negotiating A Settlement
  • Drafting The Report & Settlement
  • Signing The Report & Settlement
  • Three-Month and Six-Month Review Sessions

“The essence of mediation is the commonsense idea that the intervention, by invitation of the parties, of an experienced, independent and trusted person can be expected to help the parties settle their quarrel by negotiating in a collaborative rather than adversarial way”

(Michael Noone)

What Is The Mediation Experience Like For The Parties?

Well, we have to be honest. It won’t be an easy experience and it certainly will not be a picnic! After all, each party will, in the Joint Sessions, be sitting opposite someone towards whom they will be feeling intense emotions. Necessarily, there will be frank, open and honest exchanges during these sessions.

However, while it is a formal process, our Mediators will facilitate with a light, caring, empathic and informal touch. Above all, their priority will be to establish and maintain a safe & non-threatening environment for the parties.

The Mediators are always there fully for the parties – individually AND together.

What Are The Benefits For Organisations?

  • Economical and constructive alternative to formal proceedings
  • Freeing up of valuable Management & HR time from “Fire fighting”
  • Professional veneer to organisations’ conflict resolution approaches
  • Enhances organisations’ enlightened and caring reputations
  • Helps to improve organisations’ lines of communication
  • Valuable enhancement to organisations’ Anti-Bullying & Harassment policies

What Are The Benefits For Staff?

  • Safe, confidential and protective medium for open and frank communication
  • Safe, confidential and protective environment for resolving disputes and arguments
  • Levelling force in scenarios where different grades are involved
  • Re-establishment of professional working relationships
  • Improvement to personal conflict resolution skills
  • Improvement to personal communication skills

“Can you know what is emerging, yet keep your peace while others discover for themselves? …. You can do this if you remain unbiased, clear and down to earth.”

(Lao Tzu - 'Tao Te Ching')

The PCA Workplace Mediation Service

We have been offering a highly professional and successful workplace mediation service for more than a decade. We are Co-Founders of the new Northern Guild of Workplace Mediators (a North-East mini-professional body for independent and ‘In House’ mediators.

All of our mediators are trained to accredited Level 4 & 5 Mediation Skills & Strategies Standards, covered by specialist mediation insurance, and supervised by qualified & experienced practitioners.

We offer the following services:-

  • Specialist Experienced Workplace Mediation
  • Specialist Workplace Mediation Supervision
  • Advisory & Support Service for Organisational In-House Mediator Teams
  • Accredited Level 4 & Level 5 Mediation Skills Training
  • Accredited Level 5 Mediation Supervision Training
  • Range of One-Day CPD Mediation Skills & Strategies Workshops

For more information on our highly-respected and highly-experienced Workplace Mediation Service, please contact Neil Campbell directly on either 07958 739505 (Direct Mobile) or 07903 239983 (Business Enquiries). Alternatively, you can e-mail him either through the Website Contact Page, OR directly at neil@paradigmcampbell.co.uk

ALL Enquiries Are Treated With The Utmost Respect & Confidentiality.

“The mediator facilitates communication, promotes understanding, focuses the parties on their interests and uses creative problem-solving techniques to enable the parties to reach their own agreement.”

(Michael Noone)