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“I believe that the most important aspect of any counselling work is the quality of the counsellor-client relationship. This, in turn, hinges on the richness of the counsellor's presence. You cannot engage with any therapeutic work without these.”

(Neil H Campbell)

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a trusting, caring, collaborative and honest relationship, through which the client can explore his or her issues, feelings, and thoughts. The counsellor – offering compassion, patience, empathy, acceptance and a rich humble presence – provides a safe environment in which the client can make sense of his or her world.

I have often been asked for a definition of “Counselling” For me, the counsellor and client are standing in front of a densely-wooded forest. There is a path through the forest. It’s there. It’s always been there, but it can’t be seen initially. The role of counselling is to help thin the trees so that the client can see the path.

How Counselling Works

  • We meet with our clients on a weekly or fortnightly basis, and each session lasts for one hour. Generally, we start with an agreed set of three or six sessions. At the end of this initial set, the counsellor and client will review their situation to see if further sessions would be helpful.
  • All of our sessions are treated with the highest confidentiality, and take place in a safe and caring environment. ALL issues and concerns, whether work-related or personal, are taken most seriously and with the utmost of respect.
  • These sessions offer our clients the opportunity to identify, explore and address any issues or concerns which may be affecting job-performance, causing some form of mental ill-health, causing sickness absence or impacting adversely on personal relationships.

Our Counsellors

Our Counselling Team is led by Neil H Campbell, BA PgDip DipBC MA FNCA.

  • Neil is an Accredited Counsellor and Fellow of the National Counselling Society. He has been a professional counsellor for more than 26 Years, specialising in Bereavement & Grief, Trauma, PTS & PTSD, Stress, Bullying, Workplace Conflict, Self-Esteem Issues, Anxiety and Depression.
  • He is widely regarded as the North-East’s leading specialist in Grief Counselling & Training - having spent a decade as Director of Counselling & Training with Cruse Bereavement Care on Tyneside; as a former North Regional Trainer for Cruse Bereavement Care UK; founder of Kairos Bereavement Counselling; and, now, as Principal of The Campbell Grief Institute.
  • All of our counselling team belong to one of two national, professional bodies - NCS or BACP.
  • All of our team are covered by specialist counselling & supervisory insurance indemnity. All of our team receive regular monthly supervision in line with their professional bodies' Codes of Ethical Practice.

“An accompanier is someone who can stand behind us on the road to freedom, someone who loves us and understands our life. An accompanier can be a parent, a teacher or a friend – anyone who can put a name on our inner pain and feelings. Accompaniers may be professionals or therapists who have experience in untying the knots that block us in our development”

(Jean Vanier)

Private Counselling & Staff Counselling Services


We are delighted to offer a full counselling service to and for Private Individual Clients. The counselling now takes place at our new rooms in Aidan House, Gateshead. There is abundant parking space just outside and it is close to Metro Stations. For more information on or, indeed, a referral to our confidential Service, please contact Neil Campbell directly on either 07958 739505 (Direct Mobile) or 07903 239983 (Business Enquiries). Alternatively, you can e-mail him either through the Website Contact Page, OR directly at neil@paradigmcampbell.co.uk.

ALL Enquiries Are Treated With The Utmost Respect & Confidentiality.


We are also more than happy to work with any North-East organisation or employer in order to provide a responsive, experienced, and effective Staff Counselling Service.

Our Organisational Client Counselling Agreements give an organisation or employer our "Preferential Client Status" and thus offer the following benefits:-

  • No Waiting Lists for any of its Staff Counselling Referrals
  • No Financial Retainer required for said Agreement
  • No monthly or annual minimum referral numbers required
  • Referrals treated on an "Ad Hoc" basis
  • We only charge for what we do and deliver
  • Counselling takes place here at our Newcastle Counselling Offices or on site
  • Quarterly statistical reports and narrative analyses

For more information on our Staff Counselling Service, or our Preferential Organisational Client Counselling Agreements”, please contact Neil Campbell directly on either 07958 739505 (Direct Mobile) or 07903 239983 (Business Enquiries). Alternatively, you can e-mail him either through the Website Contact Page OR directly at neil@paradigmcampbell.co.uk.

Independent Counselling Supervision

Neil Campbell also offers both Group and One-to-One Counselling Supervision (as well as Workplace Supervision). From placement students (on Diploma or Degree courses) to experienced practitioners, he offers a highly-experienced, quality professional Supervision Service that will be individually tailored not only to the development level of the supervisee, but also to his or her financial budget.

  • Neil is a qualified counselling & clinical supervisor, as well as being an Approved NCS Counselling Supervisor. He is also the author & course director for PCA’s accredited Level 5 Certificate and Level 6 Diploma in Counselling Supervision.
  • He has 19 Years of Counselling Supervision experience – working with all counselling orientations and most counselling issues. He is trained in both One-to-One AND Group Work.
  • If there is any issue or area – that prospective supervisees specialise in – and Neil is not particularly familiar with, he pledges to carry out sufficient research to enable the supervisory relationship to be effective and developmental.

For us, the Supervisory Relationship is of paramount importance. We believe in ‘getting it right’ from the very beginning. Consequently, our first session with new supervisees will be a one-off session, will usually last for 90 minutes and will focus on mutual beliefs, ethos, expectations, needs, objectives, styles, and orientations. The practical side will always be customised to the supervisee’s individual situation.

Again, for more information on our Counselling Supervision or Workplace Supervision Service, please contact Neil Campbell directly on either 07958 739505 (Direct Mobile) or 07903 239983 (Business Enquiries). Alternatively, you can e-mail him either through the Website Contact Page OR directly at neil@paradigmcampbell.co.uk.