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A Warm Welcome to Hamish N Campbell’s PCA Support Services

“Hospitality is not to change people, but to offer them space where change can take place. It is not an educated intimidation with good books, good stories and good works, but the liberation of fearful hearts so words can find roots and bear ample fruit. Hospitality is not a subtle invitation to adopt the lifestyle of the host, but the gift of a chance for the guest to find his own.”

(Henri Nouwen)


PCA Support Services is a highly-professional, person-oriented business - based in Aidan House, Gateshead, but serving organisations, groups and individuals throughout the North-East and beyond.

We offer a comprehensive range of specialist support and educational services for employers and organisations (management, staff, HR and Occupational Health) across all workplace sectors ……. AS WELL AS for counsellors, therapists, supervisors and private individuals.

Our Services

These are specialist, authentic and innovative services in areas we know well, and around issues with which we have substantial experience – Grief, Trauma & PTSD, Workplace Conflict, Relationship Problems, Domestic Violence, Stress, Anxiety and Depression.

Latest Specialist Services

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Specialist Bereavement & Grief Counselling and Training

  • The North-East’s Centre of Excellence for Grief Counselling, Training & Research
  • A Highly-Experienced Grief Counselling Service for Bereaved Adults, Children & Young People
  • Leading Practitioners in Supporting Those Bereaved by Suicide
  • Accredited Training in Specialist Areas of Grief

Workplace Mediation and Workplace Conflict Resolution Services

  • The Northern Centre for Workplace Conflict Resolution
  • Leading Independent Provider in the North-East
  • Co-Founder of The Northern Guild of Workplace Mediators
  • Accredited Training for In-House Teams & Independent Practitioners

Post-Trauma Emotional Support

  • Trained Post-Critical Incident Emotional Debriefing
  • Sensitive Support for Critical-Incident Review Meetings
  • Rapid-Response Helpline for Staff
  • Accredited Training in Post-Critical Incident Support & Diffusing

Workplace Anti-Bullying Services

  • Organisational Anti-Bullying Advisory Service
  • Unique Solution-Focused Bullying Mentoring for Individuals
  • Accredited Training in Bullying Awareness & Anti-Bullying Measures

Private Counselling, Staff Counselling and Counselling Supervision

  • Accredited Counselling & Approved Supervision Services
  • Specialists in Grief, Stress, Bullying, Trauma, Depression, and Relationship
  • Leading Practitioners for All Forms of Workplace Conflict Issues
  • Twenty Six Years' Experience of Staff Workplace Counselling

Relationship Mediation

  • Sole Providers of this Specialist Service in the North-East
  • Designed for Couples Who Want to "Save" Their Relationships
  • NOT Designed to Help Couples End Relationships
  • Accredited Training in Relationship Mediation Skills & Strategies

Stress Management Advisory Service

  • "D'Accord" - Unique Solution-Focused Stress Management Mentoring
  • Accredited Stress Awareness & Stress Management Training
  • Organisational Stress Management Advisory Service
  • Confidential, tailored Organisational Stress Research Surveys

Pet Loss Grief Support

Our Ethos

Compassionate & Caring Competence
Rich and Patient Presence
Integrity-Framed Passion

"Who I am is what I do;

What I do is who I am."

And...at the core of all our activities...and of paramount importance...our Relationships with

  • Individual Clients
  • Training Participants
  • Client Organisations
  • Supervisees
  • Student Placements

News Bites

  • Applications for membership of The Northern Guild of Workplace & Relationship Mediators are now available by ringing 07903 239 983.
  • Our specialist Certificate in Working With Those Bereaved by Suicide course will shortly be available through Distance Learning. Please ring 07958 739 505 for more details.
  • July 2020 sees the launch of ANAMBRON, our new counselling service for Families (Adults AND Children) who have been bereaved by Suicide.
  • Our specialist Certificate in Understanding Aspects of Grief Level 3 Training Course will be available soon through Distance Learning. This is an ideal CPD medium for counsellors and therapists wanting to enhance Bereavement & Grief knowledge.
  • A Huge Thankyou & Big Shout to Al Smith (Print & Mail Runner) for all of our business cards and letterheads. A very professional and speedy personal service!

If you are interested in any of the above items in our “News Bites”, please contact Neil Campbell on 07958 739505 or at neil@paradigmcampbell.co.uk for further information.

"To know one other life has breathed easier because you lived, that is to have succeeded."

(Ralph Waldo Emmerson)