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"There is NO 'getting over'! Grief is lifelong and we must respect the innate wisdom of every bereaved person to grieve in a way that's right for them - it's 'right' because it is their way! Our calling is to "share the darkness" with each bereaved client. Our gift is that of simple, caring, humble, yet rich presence!"
(Neil Campbell)

Who Are We?

The Campbell Grief Institute is the Bereavement Division of Paradigm Campbell Associates, and is widely acknowledged to be the North-East's Centre of Excellence for Bereavement & Grief studies, counselling, training, supervision and research.

It brings together the Paradigm Bereavement Academy; the Neil Campbell Specialist Grief Counselling Services, "Young Metaphors for Grief" Specialist Counselling for Children & Young People; the Northern Fellowship of Bereavement Counsellors; the Campbell-Mason Grief Research Group AND the Nick Mason Compassion Collection of Grief Books.

The Institute's Ethos

We believe implicitly in

The Core Conditions
Empathy, Genuineness and Acceptance. You cannot work with or support bereaved clients without them. You cannot create any trusting relationship without them;

the unconditional willingness to share the bereaved client's darkness, anguish and distress, knowing that we will be helpless, powerless and vulnerable in the process;

we have a saying with 'Grief' - "The Healing is in the Repetition". Society has already grown tired of listening to clients' stories. But, for us, it takes as long as it takes and as often as it takes;

we cannot give the bereaved what they most want (th return of their loved one), we cannot ease the pain of Grief, and we will have no clever words of insight or inspiration. All we can offer is our 'presence' - simple, empathic, caring, rich presence.

the more we learn, the more we know; the more we know, the more empathic we can be; the more empathic we are, the richer our presence;

Our View of Grief

We believe that our current society appears remarkably unkind towards and impatient with bereaved individuals. They are given a few months for "official grief" before everyone wants them "back to normal"! Grief theories abound, describing it as a 'process' and one that moves inexorably through 'phases', 'stages', 'characteristics' or 'tasks' - on the way to "getting over", "resolution", "letting go", "moving on" or "reinvesting".

In the face of such pressure, is it any wonder that the bereaved then bottle up feelings and don masks that suit the agenda of others? It's as if we have developed a range of grief approaches that fits they type of society the West has become - immediate, short-term, selfish, self-centred, profit-orientated, solution-focused and all too ready to talk, but not listen!

Grief is Lifelong! There is NO "getting over"! Instead, we learn - very slowly and most painfully - to adjust to life without our lost loved ones! In other words, we will go on to lead meaningful lives, but continue to grieve for those that have died.

Nor do we feel that the bereaved have to "let go" of the deceased. Rather, we grow closer to them - particularly in the immediate years after the death. They are still part of our lives. They are still part of the family history. That history should be told and retold. They will, hopefully, still be a source of inspiration and motivation to us even if they are not actually with us. We will carry them with us in our hearts.

But, in order to do this we must create that portrait or pen-picture of our lost loved ones. To achieve this, we must reminisce and remember them - getting in touch with all the memories that, together, form the rich tapestry of our relationships with them.

The Paradigm Bereavement Academy

The Academy contains and delivers a comprehensive, authoritative and unique range of accredited Bereavement & Grief training courses. These include:-

  • The Certificate in Bereavement Awareness & Support - Level 3, Three Days
  • The Certificate in Supporting Bereaved Parents - Level 3, Four Days
  • The Certificate in Anticipatory Grief - Level 3, Three Days
  • The Certificate in Working with Those Bereaved by Suicide - Level 3, Two Days
  • The Certificate in Supporting Bereaved Children & Young People - Level 3, Four Days
  • Advanced Certificate in Supporting Bereaved Children & Young People - Level 4, Three Days
  • The Certificate in Bereavement Support Group Facilitation Skills - Level 3, Five Days
  • The Certificate in Supporting the Mid-Life Orphan - Level 3, Three Days
  • The Certificate in Bereavement Awareness and Grief Guidance - Level 4, 80 Hours
  • The Diploma in Bereavement Counselling - Level 6, 13 Months

For details of when these courses are next being held, please go our Training Page on this Website. Each listing will enable you to access more information on course learning units and content.

All of the above courses are accredited through Paradigm Campbell's Investors in Quality Licence (IIQ) from the national awarding body, NCFE.

Neil Campbell Specialist Bereavement Counselling Service

There are many individual counsellors and counselling organisations that profess to be specialists in Bereavement and Grief Work WITHOUT the substantial experience and high levels of training that should underpin such a critical role.

Our select team of specialist Grief Counsellors - led by Neil Campbell - can genuinely justify such a claim. Each member of the team holds the Level 6 Diploma in Bereavement Counselling, possesses a wealth of academic knowledge on all types of bereavement, has substantial experience in working with bereaved clients, and retains a deep passion for their Grief Work - all subscribing to the Institute's Ethos and View on Grief.

Neil Campbell is The Campbell Grief Institute's Principal. He is the author and course director of each of the Bereavement & Grief Training Course programme. With a 21- year counselling career (14,000+ one-to-one hours) behind him, he has worked with hundreds of bereaved clients, and established a highly-respected reputation in this field. Moreover, he is one of the leading practitioners in working with those clients Bereaved by Suicide.

The former Director of Counselling & Training for Cruse Bereavement Care on Tyneside and a former Regional Trainer for Cruse UK, he is now the Founder and Director of the North-East's new Bereavement Counselling Charity - KAIROS Companions in Grief. Currently, he is in the final year of a PhD at Newcastle University - researching the influence of "Compassion" on the work of a bereavement counsellor.

"Young Metaphors for Grief" Specialist Counselling for Bereaved Children & Young People

This is a new service that will be launched in and starting from October 2014. The actual title itself - "Young Metaphors for Grief" - comes from a concept from Dr Kathy Hunt, a highly-respected & leading practitioner in working with bereaved children. She co-wrote, with Neil Campbell, the Certificate & Advanced Certificate in Supporting Bereaved Children & Young People courses for Paradigm Campbell.

When bereaved children struggle with both identifying and understanding all of their grief feelings after the loss of someone close to them, they desperately need to be supported, encouraged and helped to find their own "Metaphors for Grief" - their own personal medium through which they can express ALL of their grief feelings and reactions.

It could be through non-directive sand play, memory jars, memory boxes, a hero or heroine in a fictional book, a grief journal, a personalised teddy bear, a bereavement support group for children, or any appropriate creative medium. The aim is to help each one find their own way and then compassionately accompany them.

We have a small, dedicated team of Specialist Counsellors who working with Bereaved Children. Each team member holds our Level 6 Diploma in Bereavement Counselling, our Level 3 & 4 Certificate & Advanced Certificate in Supporting Bereaved Children & Young People, and significant experience in Non-Directive Play Therapy. Naturally, they all hold enhanced DBS Certificates, are all full members of their relevant professional bodies and hold specialist insurance cover.

Sessions take place at Aboyne House, just off the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne. We have a dedicated counselling room for this service, complete with a supporting suite of toilets, kitchen area, and a waiting area for parents.

For further information on this service, please contact Neil Campbell on his direct line - 0191 230 3777 or 07958 739505, or e-mail Neil at neil@paradigmcampbell.co.uk

The Northern Fellowship of Bereavement Counsellors

In October later this year (2014), we will be officially launching The Northern Fellowship of Bereavement Counsellors - a Mini-Professional body for those counsellors, therapists, grief guides and befrienders who work regularly with bereaved clients. The Aims of the Fellowship for Members are threefold - (1) to foster best practice in Grief Work, (2) to share experiences, knowledge, information and differences and (3) to provide an experienced medium for enhancing specialist professional development.

Applications for membership can be requested from The Secretary, Northern Fellowship of Bereavement Counsellors, c/o Aboyne House, 121 New Bridge Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2SW. If you'd like an information leaflet on the Fellowship, then you can ring Paradigm Campbell's main telephone number - 0191 230 3777 or 07958 739505 for these details.

Benefits from Membership of the Northern Fellowship include a Quarterly Grief Newsletter, Access to and Discounts for the Fellowship's Bereavement & Grief Book Collection, Two Grief Training Workshops (FREE) each year, Membership Pin Badge, Membership Certificate, and Access to the Fellowship's own Mini-Accreditation Scheme.

The Northern Fellowship's Accreditation Scheme covers two groups: -A) Bereavement Counsellors and B) Grief Guides, Bereavement Befrienders, and Grief Listeners. The scheme applies only to Bereavement & Grief Work and is not intended to challenge or rival the accreditation schemes of the leading counselling professional bodies such as NCS or BACP. The purpose is purely and simply to recognise Excellent Practice in the field of Bereavement and Grief.

The Campbell-Mason Grief Research Group

Neil Campbell, the Institute's Principal, is currently in the final year of a PhD with Newcastle University. The research topic centres on "True" Compassion and its role in the work of bereavement counsellors. The work has touched on areas such as motivation for becoming a bereavement counsellor, 'burn out', client expectations, counsellor expectations, secondary hurts and grief's symptomatology. Much of the PhD's research findings will, later in the year, find their way into this section.

Nick Mason is Neil's Research Partner and is a highly-respected trainer in research methods, surveys and sensitive interviewing - as well as having a special interest in Bereavement & Grief.

But, Neil and Nick will also be commencing a series of small research projects into specialist areas such as Bereavement by Suicide, Grief's Secondary Hurts, the Mid-Life Orphan, the Gender Differences of Bereaved Parents, and Grief in Brief Counselling. We'll keep you posted on the progress of this research programme and, again, the findings will be available here for all interested parties.

Watch this space!

The Nick Mason Compassion Collection of Grief Books

This is a new venture and one that we are all really excited about! Nick is currently in the midst of finishing off the first work in this Compassion Book Collection of Grief-Related topics. We've called it the "Compassion Collection" because Compassion is the quality/presence that underpins all of the Institute's work. You'll recognise the Collection's Books by their lovely Green colour and simple cover designs.

The first off the production line will be "Grief & Reminisces through Memory Boxes" - a 'How To' Book on starting and maintaining a Memory Box in honour & memory of your lost loved ones. It looks at Starting Your Own Box, the Types of Boxes you can use, What Can Be Stored in Boxes, What Experiences The Box's Items should represent, Memory Boxes for Bereaved Children, How to Use the Box, and Lots of Useful Tips & Ideas around their Design. This 1st Book in The Compassion Collection should be on sale through the Institute before Christmas 2014, BUT they will also be sold through the new independent online source for Bereavement & Grief memorabilia - The Soul Print Box Shop.